Maternity: Coming Face to Face with Your Own Shadow

This book was written for women. It is not a guide for desperate mothers, but a resting place on the road where we can think about ourselves as mothers raising children with our sunny side and our shadow side, emerging and expanding from our internal volcanoes.

Many hidden aspects of our feminine psyche are exposed and activated with the arrival of our children. These are revealing moments of mystical experience, if we are able to experience them as such, and if we find the support to confront them. It is an opportunity to look at the pre-conceived ideas, the prejudices, and authoritarian attitudes imbedded in our opinions about maternity, child-rearing, education, family relationships, and communication between children and adults.

In these pages we will find words to name the indefinable: the altered states of consciousness after birth, the emotional fields we enter with our babies, the unavoidable insanity, and that feeling of not recognizing ourselves any longer. I invite you to step with me on this road, with the freedom to take only what is helpful or supportive. I hope this book will contribute to generate more questions, create more spaces for the sincere exchange among women, and facilitate encounters, communication, and solidarity.